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Govt aims at strengthening rural economy by Birsa Harit Gram Yojna

During the financial year 2020-21, the Government of Jharkhand was ranked amongst best performing states in terms of generating the highest number of mandays under MGNREGA. Additionally, the government was successful in providing a sustainable source of livelihood to the vulnerable and economically weaker population in the state by introducing the Birsa Harit Gram Yojna.

Through this scheme, 26,41,429 saplings of fruit trees have been planted across 263 blocks in 24 districts, encompassing a total area of 25695.3 acres and covering 30,023 beneficiaries during 2020-21.

Under this scheme, Mango, Guava, Lemon, Jackfruit, Thai Berries, Custard Apples have been planted along with certain aromatic species of plants like Lemon Grass, and Palmaros to create a long-term livelihood opportunity for the rural population in the state. Prior to the launch of Birsa Harit Gram Yojna, in the years 2016-20, only 7741 beneficiaries could be benefitted from the plantation scheme.

Under the scheme, mainly the plantation of Mango, Guava, Lemon is being promoted. The plantation drive mostly focuses on areas which are inhabited by the economically weaker population. Additionally, the government land and roadside barren spaces are also being covered under the plantation drives.

For the year 2020-21, approximately 3,26,800 fruit trees and 8,00,000 timber plants are sprouting over a space of 31667.68 acres, inhabited by 37764 rural families in the state. Apart from this, 150 acres of land is being utilized to promote Tasar production and lacquer rearing.

The goal of the State government is not limited to employment, economic empowerment, and asset creation, but also the capacity building of the beneficiaries.

To build upon the capacity of the respective beneficiaries under Birsa Harit Gram Yojana and MGNREGA, 45 state-level trainers, 800 block-level chief instructors, and 4840 horticulture friends at the panchayat/village level have been trained for the purpose.




Bangladesh Supreme Court launches AI based translation software ‘Amar Vasha’

The Bangladesh Supreme Court launched the Artificial Intelligence (AI) based translation software ‘Amar Vasha’ through a virtual event.

The software will translate orders and judgements of the Supreme Court from English to Bangla.

The Software has been developed with ‘EkStep’ foundation of India.

It is based on their ‘Anuvaad’ translation software used in India to translate from English to Indian languages including Bangla.

Anuvaad was deployed by the Supreme Court of India as SUVAS (Supreme Court Vidhik Anuvaad Software) from November 2019.



Raksha Mantri Launched E-Chhawani

Raksha Mantri launched the E-Chhawani portal and mobile app.


A portal website (https://echhawani.gov.in/) has been created to provide online citizenship services to more than 20 lakh residents of 62 Cantonment Boards across the country.

Through the portal, residents of residential areas will be able to obtain basic services such as rent renewal, application for birth and death certificates, water and sewage system connection, trade permits, mobile toilet locator and payment of various taxes and fees, just a click of a button.

The portal is jointly developed by the eGov Foundation, Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), Directorate General Defence Estates (DGDE) and National Informatics Center (NIC).

The portal is expected to ensure the effectiveness and transparency of the Cantonment Boards service distribution system and provide residents with time-bound solutions.



Seventy Five years of Shri Ram Chandra Mission


The Prime Minister addressed an event to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Shri Ram Chandra Mission.


Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM) is an non-profit organization and a spiritual movement that originated in India.

It teaches the practice of the “Sahaj Marg” or “Heartfulness Meditation”.

It was registered by Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh in 1945.

Current headquarters: Hyderabad, Telangana

Sahaj Marg (Natural Path) is a form of Raja Yoga.

This is a meditation system that involves meditation, cleansing and prayer.


Software Defined Radio (SDR) for Indian Army


Indian Army Software Defined Radio (SDR) under the Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan.

In order to provide soldiers with technical advantages to enable them to fight a war in a net-centric battle space, existing radio equipment will soon be replaced by indigenously developed Software-Defined Radio (SDR).

SDR has enhanced data transmission capabilities, enhanced voice clarity and data transmission accuracy in a noisy spectrum environment, supports multiple waveforms, higher system security and better communication survivability in clear and secure mode to meet the operational needs of the Indian Army.

The Indian Army is transforming its communications system by purchasing Very/Ultra High Frequency (V/UHF) armored SDRs in the Make-II category.


FAO Recognized Hyderabad – 2020 Tree City of the World

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN) and the Arbor Day Foundation have confirmed Hyderabad as the 2020 Tree City of the World.


Hyderabad is committed to the development and maintenance of urban forests, so it was awarded this honor.

This recognition is a testament to New York City’s ongoing and institutional efforts to plant trees, cultivate and celebrate trees.

In addition to the strategic planning and commitment to build healthy cities, it also marks the development of urban and suburban forestry operations.

Other cities recognized by the organization include 120 cities from 63 countries/regions.

Most cities are from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. After receiving World Tree City recognition, the city of Hyderabad will join a network of like-minded cities that recognize the importance of trees.

Hyderabad was recognized in the second year of the foundation’s program.

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