12.12.17 JPSC (Jharkhand) Current Affairs



  • State okays incentive to intra-state flights


  • To promote Regional Connectivity Scheme of Union Civil Aviation Ministry, the State Cabinet gave its approval for providing minimum guarantee to the flights operating between Ranchi and Dumka by providing incentives to them. The State Cabinet Okayed a total of 13 proposals, including the proposal for ending the compulsion of being the resident of the same ward from where one wants to contest elections. 


  • The State Government giving indirect incentives to the flights operating under RCS, will bear the cost of 100 per cent of the seats or five seats (whichever is lower) for the flights having more than 20 seats and will provide minimum guarantee of 30 per cent or five seats (whichever is minimum) for the flights of category 2 and 3 having less than 20 seats.



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