21.04.21 Daily JPSC Current Affairs


Number of incoming flyers up by 36%, outgoing down by 63% at Patna airport



With the sharp rise in Covid-19 cases in Bihar, the number of flyers to other cities from Patna has dipped by 63% in the last two weeks. But the number of passengers flying to Patna has increased by 36.7%.

As per the data shared by Airports Authority of India-Patna, the city airport had 9,133 footfalls on Monday, of which 6,777 arrived and 2,356 departed to other states. Almost two weeks ago on April 5, 11,762 passengers travelled to and from Patna airport, including 6,451 departures and 5,311 arrivals.



Ranchi accounts for half of State’s Covid deaths during 2nd wave

Ranchi district has reported exactly half of the 82 Covid deaths that occurred in Jharkhand since March 10, indicating that the state capital was accounting for more casualties during the second wave of Covid-19 in comparison with East Singhbhum, which reported the highest casualties during the first wave last year.

As per figures compiled by the National Health Mission (NHM), Ranchi accounts for 41 of the 82 Covid casualties reported in the state in the past one month. On the other hand, East Singhbhum, which continues to top among Jharkhand districts in terms of Covid casualties, has reported only seven Covid fatalities since March 10, reveals NHM data.


As per NHM data, Ranchi reported 7,017 of the 14,279 fresh Covid cases in Jharkhand since March 10. In totality, the district accounts for 40,407 of the 1,34,715 cases of Covid infection reported in Jharkhand so far. The figures indicate that Ranchi has reported 49 per cent of cases in the past one month and only 29 per cent of the total cases reported in Jharkhand so far.

As per figures with the NHM, Ranchi accounts for 290 of the 1175 Covid casualties — about 24 per cent — in Jharkhand so far.


Luna 25- Moon mission of Russia

The Roscosmos is to launch Luna 25 with the aid of October 2021. The Roscosmos is the State Space Corporation of Russia that is responsible for area flights, aerospace lookup and cosmonautics programmes.

The Mission will lift a lander. The predominant goal of Luna 25 is to prove touchdown technology.

It is to lift thirty kilograms of scientific units such as a robotic arm and drilling hardware to collect soil samples.

It will find out about the exosphere around the south pole of the moon. Till date no spacecraft has been to this vicinity of the moon. Several nations seem at the web page as future moon bases.


NASA Awards Contract to Space X

The United States area enterprise National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has chosen Elon Musk’s SpaceX for its Artemis programme, to develop the 1st commercial lander and take the subsequent two US astronauts to the moon. The whole value of this contract is $2.89 billion.

SpaceX will improve a spacecraft ‘SpaceX Starship’ to land subsequent to two US astronauts, consisting of a women astronaut at the south pole of region by means of 2024.

NASA additionally goals to carry the first person of color to the moon’s floor as phase of the Artemis programme.

Between 1969 and 1972, the US delivered 12 astronauts to the moon.


Lifetime Achievement Award to Roberto Benigni

Director Roberto Benigni will be honouring the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the 78th Venice International Film Festival, which is to be from September 1 to eleven.

organisers confirmed the news about the director Director Roberto Benigni. He was a two-time Oscar-winning actor-director. The filmmaker had starred in and also directed the holocaust comedy-drama film named Life Is Beautiful in the year 1997, for which he received the Academy Awards for Best Actor (the first for a non-English talking male performance) and Best International Feature Film.

First food park in India Italy

Italy launched India’s first “giant food garden” involving food processing facilities. This is the country’s first Italian-Indian food park project.

Italy has launched its first large-scale food park project in Fanidhar, Mehsana District, Gujarat, India. This project is first ever Italian – Indian food project which develops better partnership between India and Italy.

The project aims to establish synergy between the agriculture and industry of the two countries, and focuses on the research and development of new and more efficient technologies in this field. This will be implemented by dedicated vehicles.

It will link agricultural production with the market. This is achieved by bringing processors, farmers and retailers together to ensure maximum value addition, increase farmers’ income, reduce waste and create employment opportunities.




Gayatri Mantra Is Also Called As The Sayitri Mantra

Affairs:Gayatri Mantra has another name called Sayitri Mantra. Maharshi Vishvamitra had created the Gayatri mantra.

It is a incredibly revered mantra from the Rig Veda, committed to Savitr also regarded as Vedmata.

The mantra is an necessary phase of the upanayana ceremony for younger adult males in Hinduism, and has lengthy been recited by means of dvija men as part of their each day rituals.

Modern Hindu reform movements unfold the exercise of the mantra to include ladies and all castes and its use is now very widespread


Aditya-L1 Support Center to be launched

The Indian programme to find out about the Sun and the location between the Earth and the Sun from space – Aditya-L1 – is due to be launched subsequent year.

The mission will carry seven payloads which have been developed with the aid of a variety of institutions all over the country.

When the mission is launched, there will be a want for a floor aid centre to screen and coordinate the work on its a number payloads.

This function will be played by means of the ARIES facility (short for Aryabhata Research Institute for observational Sciences), situated close to Nainital.

The Aditya-L1 Support Centre (ASC) will provide training through normal workshops for the visitor users.