Ancient Kingdom



Rajrishitulya kul

Rajrishitulya kul dynasty ruled over the south Kaushal. They ruled from 5th to 6th century AD. From the bronze inscription it is known that they followed Gupt samvata. This shows that accepted the supremacy of the Gupta Dynasty.

There are six known rulers of the Rajrishikulya Dynasty. They are all follows:

  1. Sur
  2. Dayit I
  3. Vibhishan
  4. Buimsen I
  5. Dayitverman II
  6. Bhimesen II


Nal Dynasty

Nal Dyansty ruled over the south Kaushal in the present day Bastar area. They ruled from 5th to 12th century. From the Rajim Inscription it is known that was the founder of Nal Dyansty.

Nal dynasty ruler Bhavdat verman and Skanda vermin has made Pushkari the capital city.

Vilas Tung was the ruler of Nal Dynasty, he made the Rajiv Lochan temple.

Nals were the contemporary of Vakatakas and Bastar was the centre of their power. Nal lost their power after defeating from Somvanshis.


Sharabpuriya Dynasty

It was established in 6th century. Sharabh, the father of Narendra has established this dynasty.

Sharbhpur was the capital of this dynasty, which is near to Sirpur(Raipur district). There are two bronze inscription in Pipardula(Sanrangarh) and second Kurud(Raipur). These two inscription writes about Narendra’s kindness and his donation to poor. There is another ruler from this dynasty, Prashanna, who started gold coins and established Prashanapur near the banks of river Nidila. Sharbhpur, Shripur and Prashanpaur are written in bronze inscription. Sudevraj established Shripur. In 6th century Sharabpuriya dynasty came to known as Amaryakul dynasty.



Pandu Dynasty


The first ruler of this dynasty was Udayan. Other rulers are Indrabal, Ishandev, Rankemedi and Bhavdev.

Tivardev made Pandu dynasty a strong kingdom. He was the follower of Shaivism. He adopted Kosalapati title after winning over Kaushal, Utkal and some other Mandals.

Mahanabhdev was the son of Tivardev. He started calling himself as somvanshis. In various inscription it could easily be seen. They patronized all the religions including Buddhists. Many scripture and Viharas are found recently found in recent historical search. Four Bronze inscription of Ballarjuna have been found from bardula, Lodhia, Mallar and Bonda.





Somvanshi ruled in south Kaushal from 9th to 11th century.

They considered themselves as the rulers of Kaushal, Utkal and Kalinga. They have adopted Trikalingadhipati title as well.

In their coin image of Rajlakskmi could be seen easily.

The prominent rulers of this dynasty are Shivgupta, Mahashivgupta, Bhimrath II, Dharmaratha, Nahutha, Yayati and Chandihar. Kalchuris continuously attacked on their kingdom. This has shaken their kingdom.

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