DMPQ-. Discuss the salient features of India’s national water policy.

. The salient features of the Draft National Water Policy (2012) are presented  below:

  • Emphasis on the need for a national water framework law, comprehensive legislation for optimum development of inter-State rivers and river valleys, amendment of Irrigation Acts,  Indian Easements Act, 1882, etc.
  • Water, after meeting the pre-emptive needs for safe drinking water and sanitation, achieving food security, supporting poor people dependent on agriculture for their livelihood and high  priority allocation for minimum eco-system needs, be treated as economic good so as to  promote its conservation and efficient use.
  • Ecological needs of the river should be determined recognizing that river flows are characterized by low or no flows, small floods (freshets), large floods and flow variability and should  accommodate development needs. A portion of river flows should be kept aside to meet  ecological needs ensuring that the proportional low and high flow releases correspond in time  closely to the natural flow regime.
  • Adaptation strategies in view of climate change for designing and management of water resources structures and review of acceptability criteria has been emphasized.
  • A system to evolve benchmarks for water uses for different purposes, i.e., water footprints, and  water auditing be developed to ensure efficient use of water. Project financing has been  suggested as a tool to incentivize efficient & economic use of water.
  • Setting up of Water Regulatory Authority has been recommended.
  • Incentivization of recycle and re-use has been recommended.
  • Water Users Associations should be given statutory powers to collect and retain a portion of water charges, manage the volumetric quantum of water allotted to them and maintain the  distribution system in their jurisdiction.


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