DPPQ- Indian Constitution Introductory Test

Question 1.         First attempt in world to constituent a constituent assembly to frame a constitution was made by:                Option1.              USA       Option2.              The Great Britain              Option3.              Canada option4.               France

Question2.          The number of representatives of the Rajya Sabha from states and union territories are among which one of the following?

Option1)              238         option2)               212         option3)               200         option4)               220

Question3.          How many number of members are nominated by the President to the Rajya Sabha?    Option1)              20                option2)               18           option3)               12           option4)               15

Question4.          Which of the following article deals with the composition of council of states and the manner of election of its members?

Option1)              Art.82    option2)               Art.81    Option3)              Art.90    Option4)              Art.80

Question5.          Which feature of Indian constitution is not taken from American Constitution?

Option1)              Preamble            Option2)              Single Citizenship           Option3)              Judicial review   option4)                Fundamental rights.

Question6.          What is the maximum strength of the Lok sabha envisaged by the constitution?

Option1)              545         option2)               550         option3)               552         option4)               535

Question7.          High courts issue writs under which article.

Option1)              220         option2)               221         option3)               213         option4)               226

Question8.          Emergency provisions in Indian Constitution is taken from:

Option1)              Australia              option2)               Japan    option3)               Canada option4)               Germany

Question9.          The concept of federal system in Indian constitution is taken from:

Option1)              Ireland  option2)               Australia              Option3)              Germany             Option4)              Canada

Question10.       Procedure for the amendment of the constitution is taken from:

Option1)              USA       Option2)              Russia   Option3)              South Africa       Option4)              Canada

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