DMPQ-Analyse the Significance of the Trade Union’s establishment in contemporary India.

Trade unions fills the void which was obstructing the attainment of industrial peace and social justice any decision arrived by virtue of deliberation with employer through trade union should be followed strictly by the labours which forms the part of that trade union as it improves the working condition, wages they get and other matters related to employment as the trade unions helps the labors in their bad days like the personal accidents or at the time of retrenchment or lockouts . There are many welfare measures are taken for supporting the workmen example of which is legal assistance, housing schemes and education to children of workers so these functions of trade union makes its existence significant for social justice.

Trade unions perform substantial roles in increasing the wages of the workers. This role may not be observed by direct method but indirectly wages can be increased by the actions of Trade unions like assurance can be there from the trade union regarding the payment of marginal productivity level which can be done by increasing bargaining capacity and power. Trade union can stop supply of labours in the specific trade which may have consequence of increased wage.


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