DMPQ: What is deficiency disease? Tabulate the vitamin deficiency disease. (Science)

A deficiency disease is caused due to the deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals. The deficiency of vitamin lead to the vitamin deficiency disease.

Vitamin/Mineral Deficiency disease Symptoms
Vitamin A Loss of vision Poor vision, loss of vision in darkness
Vitamin B1 Beri beri Weak musles and very little energy to work
Vitamin C Scurvy Bleeding gums, wounds take longer time to heal
Vitamin D Rickets Bones become soft and bent
Calcium Bone and tooth decay Weak bones, tooth decay
Iodine Goitre Glands in the neck appear swollen, mental disability in children
Iron Anaemia Weakness


Deficiency of protein causesstunted growth, swelling offace, discolouration of hair,skin diseases and diarrhoea. If food is deficient in bothcarbohydrates and proteins,the growth may stopcompletely; a personbecomes very lean, thin andso weak that he/she may noteven be able to move.


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