DMPQ- What are the health problems related to the modern lifestyle which is rendering the reduction in quality of life? Suggest Solution.

With the increase in Urbanisation and modernisation there is an increase in pollution, unhealthy lifestyle, environmental toxins which in turn increases the risk of disease.  The major health problems associated with modern lifestyle are as follows:

  • Rise in pollution due to unplanned Pollution related problems like Asthama, Lung related disease etc. are on rise.
  • Life style related disease: sedentary lifestyle leading to obesity, diabetes,
  • Excessive stress forces one to consume liquor and tobacco related products. These are also source of health related problems.
  • Globalisation has made the local areas vulnerable to fatal diseases.
  • Slum areas with poor hygiene are also major source of water borne and viral diseases.

Apart from above allopathy medicines do not provide long term relief. To have long term relief  there is need to bring holistic change in lifestyle with elements of yoga, unani, sowa rigpa, homoeopathy being part of it. AYUSH provides no side effect, it is affordable, accessible to both rural and urban areas.


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