DMPQ- What are the different Types of Artificial Intelligence?

Type 1: Reactive Machines.

An example is Deep Blue, an IBM chess program that can identify pieces on the chess board and can make predictions accordingly. But the major fault with this is that it has no memory and cannot use past experiences to inform future ones. It also analyzes possible moves of its own and its opponents. Deep Blue and AlphaGO were designed for narrow purposes and cannot easily be applied to any other situation.

Type2: Limited Memory.

These AI systems can use past experiences to inform future decisions. Most of the decision-making functions in the autonomous vehicles have been designed in this way.

Type 3: Theory of mind

This is a psychology term, which refers to the understanding that the other have in their own beliefs and intentions that impact the decisions they make. At present this kind of artificial intelligence does not exist.

Type4: Self-awareness

In this category, AI systems have a sense of self, have consciousness. Machines with self-awareness understand their current state and can use the information to infer what others are feeling. This type of AI does not yet exist.


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