DMPQ- Nanotransmitters and nanosensors


Implantations of nanotransmitters and nanosensors within individuals have opened gates for monitoring and treating them at the microscopic level with the use of nanodevices. But this crosses traditional bounderies of care in the hospitals as persons can get the treatment done while siting in their homes . Pateients at home could have access to date transmitted from biochips which will moniter the diseases like hypercholesterolemia, alerting them when critical levels are obtained. Patients and clinicians would need to have throughout knowledge of device interfaces as all body metabolism will be regulated by these devices. The day may not be far than insurance deny us as money due to monitoring our health at cellular level in early stages. Nanotechnology will make us over dependent on devices. Inaccurate and errors with monitoring devices will be very challenging to detect. Advocates will be needed by everyone for safe and ethical use of nanomaterials. Monitoring methods would be needed to assure that devices are checked and caliberated within safety limits. Hence if these implications can be managed nanotechnology is the biggest boon to mankind.

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