DMPQ- Discuss the major challenges in securing communication networks.

The process of protecting communication networks has many challenges; some of them are discussed below:

External sourcing of equipment and technology

Much of the software and hardware that makes up communication system are imported from other countries (Chinese devices account for more than 60% of total telecom equipment imports). These devices may contain back-window for transmitting information. Recently, Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers Association (IEEMA) highlighted the concern of “security threat” in critical power infrastructure with increased use of foreign automation and communication systems in operation and management of the electricity grid. The malware and spyware in these communicable devices can be activated any time even by remote.

Evolving nature of threats

Pace of technology evolution means continuous evolution of threats to security systems. This leads to constantly evolving security systems to thwarts such attacks which becomes a tedious work as attackers can have the privilege of anonymity and a wide choice available as their target system.

Involvement of state and non-state actors

The present-day threats are ambiguous, uncertain and indistinct in terms of their identity and goals. While nation states have broader political or security motivations, motivations of malicious non-state actors are hard to comprehend, and could be anything from monetary gain to terrorism or even a narrow political agenda.

Inadequate understanding of interdependencies

This is one of the reasons for critical infrastructure being so complex. The lack of scientific analysis and tools for comprehending inter-sector and intra-sector dependencies is the primary reason that interdependencies have not been understood by our security agencies.

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