Describe the major features associated with ocean continental convergence.

In plate tectonics, Convergent boundary is a region where two or more tectonic plates of the lithosphere move towards one another and collide.

There are 3 types of Convergence:

  • Ocean-Continental
  • Continent-Continent
  • Ocean-Ocean

Features associated with ocean continental convergence:

In this type of boundary, the oceanic lithosphere will always sub duct below the continental lithosphere.

  • This type of boundary is also known as subduction zone.
  • On the ocean side, an Oceanic trench is formed and on the continent side, a chain of Volcanoes forms above the subduction zone. This chain is referred to as Volcanic Arc.
  • Ex: Western Coast of S. America and Nazca plate is subducted beneath the South American plate.
  • Volcanic Arc: It is the surface expression of the magma that is generated by the hydrous melting of the mantle.
  • It is a source of some of the most explosive volcanism on Earth because of high volumes of extreme pressure. It creates extensive mountain ranges.
  • Ex: Northern margins of Indian plate being thrust under a portion of Eurasian plate.

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