DMPQ- Why our constitutional makers adopted parliamentary form of government?

The Parliamentary system of government refers to “a system of government having the real executive power vested in a cabinet composed of members of the legislature who are individually and collectively responsible to the legislature. Reasons for adopting Parliamentary government are as follows:

  • Because of the familiarity with the previous government of India act 1909,1919 and 1935 India adopted Parliamentary form of government.
  • Risks of conflicts in presidential form of government are higher.
  • If the ruling party enjoys majority in the legislature, then the executive can take decisions quickly and implement them without any hindrance and fear of being let down on the floor of the House. This can be very helpful in case of constructive decision making and overcoming the problems of procedural delays.
  • The Parliamentary system ensures a better representation of the populace and well suited for countries with huge diversity.
  • The parliament can check the activities of the executive as the latter is responsible to the former. The element of responsibility is higher.


Because of the above reasons, India adopted Parliamentary form of Government.


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