DMPQ-Why article 32 is termed as heart and soul of the Indian constitution?

Article 32 – Right to Constitutional Remedies is referred to as ‘Heart & Soul’ of the Indian Constitution by Mr. B. R. Ambedkar. Article 32 provides for right to constitutional remedies through which a person may approach the Supreme Court on violation of his/her fundamental rights.

Part III provides for fundamental right to all the persons living in India. However, for enforcing such right against the Government there should a effective mechanism, which is provided by Article 32. Article 32 paves the way for any person to approach the SC for enforcing his/her fundamental right. That said, remedy when the right is restricted is provided under this Art 32.

Under this Article, an individual has a right to approach the Court of India for getting enforced his or her rights. All other Fundamental Rights become operative because of this Article and hence it is called the heart and soul.


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