DMPQ- Parliamentary control over executive is on decline. Discuss the factors responsible for it.

In reality the parliamentary control over the executive is more theoretical than practical. The following factors are responsible for this:

  • The administration has grown in volume and the Parliament has neither the time nor the expertise to control it.
  • Parliamentarians are usually laymen who face difficulty in understanding the demands for grants which is technical in nature.
  • The Executive enjoys legislative leadership owing to majority support. Consequently, it plays a significant role in formulating policies and minimises the possibility of effective criticism.
  • The public expenditure is examined by the committees after it has been incurred not before it.
  • The scope of financial control has also been reduced due to increased recourse to ‘guillotine’.
  • The expansion of ‘delegated legislation’ has increased the powers of the bureaucracy and reduced the law making powers of the parliament.


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