DMPQ: EVM offer a smooth way for functioning of polling and result declaration but still they are always under radar. In this context , explain the advantage of EVM over ballot and the concern raised against its use

Advantage of EVM:

  • Saving of lot of papers and hence eco-friendly.
  • Time saver as result declaration does not take too much of time.
  • It reduces the chance of booth capturing.
  • No bogus vote and no double vote.
  • EVM can be run on 6 volt battery.

Concerns associated with EVM

  • Hacking and manipulation of EVM.( even developed country run on ballot)
  • Counting of VVPAT is insignificant to prove the innocence of EVM.
  • Recently an EVM was found on a highway in Rajasthan and another one found in a MLA house. These instances have created doubt about efficacy of EVM for fair electoral process.

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