DMPQ- Evaluate the role of Mass media as pressure group.

Mass media plays a vital role in showcasing happenings of politics and life of common people around. It help in a great way to educate the mass in politics. This knowledge act as power and help to choose the right party, right candidate and putting pressure on political parties, ruling government to take action against hot issues.

They are powerful tool of social change and act as pressure group for the interest of common people and reveals the all deeds of the government Mass media in its full swing of working can openly criticize the government and have right toplace their view on certain situation. Further mass media help to generate a common platformwhich tries to focus on core issues of the society and its need.

So media role is as much important in influencing activities of the political parties as that ofother pressure groups working to strive certain specific goals. In-fact in this contemporaryworld media acts as agent of change focusing on social development of society and hencemedia role of pressurizing government given it nature of pressure group which is of vitalimportance.

But Media should be neutral in its approach and should abide by the code of conduct and ethics of Journalism. In the recent past it has been seen that journalism has been commercialised, issue of paid news, cross media ownership of house, corporate ownership etc.  Independent and neutral Journalism is the need of the hour. The benchmark can be the role played by Journalism in Indian National freedom movement.

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