DMPQ- Discuss in brief the recommendation of Punchhi commission.

The union government constituted a commission under the leadership of Justice Madan Mohan Punchchi, the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in 2007. Th e commission also had three more members and a Secretary and presented its report in 2010.

It recommended that the governors of the states must have fixed tenure and they should be removed only through impeachment process akin to the President of India.

It wanted to introduce changes in articles 355 and 356 so that insurgency or problem affected areas or districts in a state rather than the entire state can be brought under emergency as a strategy to localize emergency and efficiently handle insurgency or troubles.

The commission also suggested that the union government must have power and authority for the suomoto deployment of central forces without the consent of the concerned states in areas affected by communal violence.


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