DMPQ- Write down the salient features of India Independence act.

The Indian Independence Act, which was based on the Mountbatten plan of June 3, was passed by the British parliament on July 5, 1947 and received royal assent or approval on July 18, 1947.

Salient Features of India Independence Act, 1947 are:

  • The partition of the Indian state and the creation of Pakistan was to come into effect from August 15, 1947
  • The British government were to officially give up every authority to these newly created dominions
  • The new states were fully authorised to form their own constitution and constituent assemblies
  • The Act had the entire procedure of transferring the powers to the constituent assemblies
  • The states could opt out of the Commonwealth membership at any instance after independence
  • A new Boundary Commission would be appointed to demarcate the line between the provinces of Punjab and Bengal
  • Following the Act, the Radcliff Boundary Commission was appointed and the boundary line separating India and Pakistan was created
  • Lord Mountbatten was the first Governor General of India, whereas Mohammad Ali Jinnah became the first Governor General of Pakistan.


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