DMPQ: Why Renaissance began only in Italy and Nowhere else? Discuss the characteristics and Impact of Renaissance?

Italy was a rich country. Italian businessmen became so influential that it didn’t care of feudal lords and pope.  Growth of Business in Italy necessitated new trend in education which laid emphasis on vocational and geographical knowledge. Italy was birth place of Roman civilisation. People were obsessed with thoughts of enhancing prestige of their country as they were aware of splendour of Rome.

Characteristics of Renaissance:

Emphasis on Humanism i.e. ideology that emphasised temporal outlook rather than spiritual. Humanists maintained that good of life and culmination of happiness lay in welfare of people and not in serving God or demonstrating military valor. Adoration of natural beauty, Redeeming people from the grip of medieval religion  and convention, promoted rational thinking.

Impact of Renaissance.

People in various countries produced literature in native tongues, thus developing several languages like Italian, Swedish etc. Satire became keynotes of plays. Pros became medium of story writing and art of prose emerged as significant literary style. Art of this period aimed at establishing harmony between life and nature.

Absolute, autocratic, selfish, cruel and suppressive monarchy was replaced by liberal, philanthropic and intellectual monarchy. Promotion of public education, improvement in condition of life of serfs, abolition of poverty, establishment of hospital


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