DMPQ-“The two-nation theory, which we had used in the fight for Pakistan, had created not only bad blood against the Muslims of the minority provinces, but also an ideological wedge between them and the Hindus of India.” Discuss the statement and explain two nation theory importance?

  • Two Nation Theory’s phenomenon basically sprigged up with the advent of Islam in the Sub-Continent.
  • The sense was very unique about Pakistan’s creation that it was generally based on ideological commitments in the light of Islam.
  • The basic concept behind Two Nation Theory was Muslims and Hindus was two separate nations from every expects, So It was the right of Muslim to had their own homeland in the Muslims majority areas of Sub-Continent, where they can live their life according the majestic teachings of Islam.
  • And this concept was merely adequate in giving rise to two different political thinking which were responsible in partition of Sub-Continent.

Two Nation Theory based on Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

  • Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, a great Muslim leader and a great philosopher. Every time, Muslims was forced by Sir Syed to get modern education. Sir Syed was a first man in Sub-Continent history to introduce a word “TWO NATION” for Muslims and Hindus and introduced an idea to become a pioneer of Two Nation Theory.
  • Syed Ahmed Khan tried his level best for the Muslims comprehend their differences with the Hindus with many expects including religion, social, language, and international identity and for this reason he diverted attention of the Muslims towards Two Nation Theory.
  • The possibly main reason for which Sir Syed introduced this theory is the downfall of Muslims, Muslims Hindus controversy, language problem, and the hatred by Hindus and British upon Muslims of South Asia.
  • Due to Hindu Muslims non acceptance behavior, Syed Ahmed Khan realize that the both Nations cannot live together any more. During the Hindu Urdu Controversy, he came forward with Two Nation Concept and declared that Muslims were a separate Nation.
  • He said: “I am convinced now that Hindus and Muslims could never become one nation as their religion and way of life was quite distinct from each other.”


  • The entire freedom movement revolves around the Two Nation Theory which became the basis for the demand of Pakistan.
  • It means that the Muslims of the Sub-Continent were a separate nation with their distinct culture, civilization, literature, history, religion and social values.
  • Islam the religion of Muslims was based on the concept of Tauheed and therefore could not be merged in any other system of religion.
  • It means Islam gives us a concept of Two Nation Theory. Muslims of India would ultimately have a separate homeland, as they could not live with the Hindus in Sub-Continent.
  • The demanding and achieving of Pakistan was only based on the Two Nation Theory and completely revolving around this theory.

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