DMPQ- The development of modern education can be attributed to British government. Comment

Modern education in India is given by British Government. They were the first who gave institutionalisation to Modern education. They through their policies brought secular and modern elements to the education  system.

The chronological development of Education during the British Period in India is discussed below:

  1. Charter Act of 1813: The British Parliament added a clause in 1813 charter that Governor-General-in-Council less than one lakh for education and allowed the Christian Missionaries to spread their religious ideas in India.
  2. General Committee on Public Instruction 1923: This committee was formed to look after the development of education in India which was dominated by Orientalists who were the great supporter of Oriental learning rather than the Anglican. Hence, they created paramount of pressure on the British India Company to promote Western Education.
  3. Lord Macaulay’s Education Policy, 1835: This policy was an attempt to create that system of education which educates only upper strata of society through English.
  4. Wood’s Dispatch, 1854: It is considered as the “Magna Carta of English Education in India” and contained comprehensive plan for spreading education in India.
  5. Hunter Commission (1882-83) and Sadler Commission was also formed for promoting the growth of Education.
  6. Setting up of Universities at Bombay, Calcutta and Madras.

The development of education can be attributed to Britishers but it is just by product of their policies they wanted to create human capital trained in English language and wanted to develop a society English in taste. SO that they can become a market for British goods.


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