DMPQ: One of the effect of Home rule movement was that Participation in freedom movement shifted from elite class to masses, which gave it a new dimension. Do you agree with the statement.

The pioneers of home rule movement were B. G. Thilak and other by Mrs. Annie Besant . The main objective of the movement was to get self government for India within the British empire. It believed freedom was the natural right of all nations.

Home rule was the main demand. The course to be followed was by building up an agitation around the demand for Home rule. This was to be achieved by Promoting political education and discussions. The method adopted by the movement helped to shift the participation to masses. For eg. Creating organisations, distribution of pamphlets, collect funds, organise social work, take part in local government activities, arrange political meetings and lectures.

The organisational links created by the home rule movement helped to create permanent highways for freedom struggle. Now  masses which were alien to the movement started taking part in the movement.  It generated a widespread pro nationalist atmosphere in the country.

The tremendous achievement of the Home rule movement and its legacy was that it created a generation of ardent nationalist who formed the backbone of the national movement in the coming years when, under the leadership of the Mahatma, it entered its truly mass phase. The movement brought Moderates and the extremist together. The movement involved the participation of women, revival of swadeshi spirit and spread of the movement far beyond the frontiers of India.

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