DMPQ- Explain the important factors responsible for French revolution.

On the eve of French Revolution, France was under the ancient regime. It was the centre of autocratic rule. The French Bourbon monarchs enjoyed absolution. They declared themselves as the “Representative of God”. The French monarchs engaged themselves in Luxurious and extravagance at the royal court of Versailles. They had unlimited power. By the Letters De Catchet. They arrested any person at any time and imprisoned them. They had no interest in public welfare.

The economic discontent of the French was a potent factor of the French Revolution of 1789. The foreign wars of the Louis monarchs caused miserable economic condition of France. The economic condition of France became poor due to foreign wars of Louis XIV, the seven years war of Louis XV and other expensive wars. Thus, the economic instability was the potential factor of the French Revolution.

The economic crisis in France began from the period of Louis XIV. It was uncontrolled during the rule of Louis XVI. Gradually, France was sinking into bankruptcy. Louis initiated many projects to improve the financial condition. But he left them incomplete. It fomented the rage of the public. Louis changed finance ministers one by one. Finally the king had to call the session of Estates General. The first session was held on 7th may 1789. However, there were no unanimous proposals by the three Estates. Thus the French Revolution erupted.

Philosopher had key role in the out-break of the French revolution. As a philosopher Rousseau had an important role. He was the author of a noted book “The social contract”. He said “man i born free but everywhere he is in chains”. He opines that government, law and state were the output of a contract with the people. The collective will of the people called the “General will” was having sovereign power. If the ruler failed to satisfy the people, then the people had power to change the government. In short, his idea had tremendous influence on the French. His pen acted like a matchstick to the gun powder of discontent to start the revolution.

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