DMPQ- . “American Revolution was a Natural and Even Expected Event in The History of Colonial People Who Had Come of Age.” Comment.

. Instead of being a radical abrupt change, the American Revolution was a culmination of evolutionary changes that resulted in an evolved way of life. With the social, political and economic spheres, the change occurred gradually and remained largely unnoticed.

For example, in Political sphere, the 13 colonies already had a certain degree of independence, but they yearned to be completely free from the tyranny of the British overlords. Each colony had its own local assembly which enacted laws on local matters.

Economically, also situation of America was better. In war, there was no class confrontation as it  happens in a revolution.  There was no mass poverty. There was no seething social discontent  and there was no grinding oppression. In fact America was more prosperous than many other  colonies. They had also developed a small amount of self-sufficiency to some extent and wanted  to interact with the rest of the world. America was developing strategies for trading with other  countries, which was forbidden. The economic policy of mercantilism by the Home Government  was what kept them aloof of having economic interaction with the rest of the world.

There was a gradual evolution in political philosophy and organization too, which started with  the First Continental Congress, progressing to the Second Continental Congress, and finally  leading to the Articles of the Confederation, the Declaration of Independence, and the  Constitution.

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