After 1857, British tried to control another popular revolt through their policies. comment. (history)

There were various changes in policies and administrative mechanism to prevent any    mass level revolt. The changes in policies were in various streams which are as follows:

Administrative changes:

The Act for Better Government of India, 1858 transferred the power to govern from     the East India Company to the British Crown. Also the power to govern was to be wielded through secretary of state. The ultimate  power over India remained            with       Parliament.

Military changes:

                Policy of divide and rule and discriminatory policies were implemented. regiments were               divided on the basis of caste like jat, sikh, gurkhas etc. Key geographical locations were          commanded by britishers. The proportion of Europeans to Indians was carefully fixed at          one to two in Bengal army and two to five in Madras and Bombay Armies.

Relationship with Princely States

The policy of annexation was abandoned and territorial integrity of states was   guaranteed. The Queen adopted the title of Kaiseri -i-Hind in 1876 to emphasize British     sovereignty.  Also government exercised the right to interfere in the internal affairs of     the state.

Administrative policies

  • Divide and rule along religious lines.
  • Hostility to Educated Indians.
  • Attitude towards the Zamindars, to create this class as the firm supporters of British rule.
  • Attitude towards Social Reforms – withdrew support to social reforms and encouraged caste and
  • communal consciousness.
  • Underdeveloped Social Services as money was diverted to army and civil administration.
  • White Racism – Encouraged the notion of white superiority.



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