DMPQ: What are the ways via which effect of climate change can be mitigated on agriculture?

According to economic survey, In a year where temperatures are 1 degree Celsius higher farmer incomes would fall by 6.2 percent during the kharif season and 6 percent during rabi in unirrigated districts. Similarly, in a year when rainfall levels were 100 millimetres less than average, farmer incomes would fall by 15 percent during kharif and by 7 percent during the rabi season. Hence climate change has a profound effect on agriculture. Below are the ways to fight the climate change:


  • Smart irrigation practices like drip irrigation need to be implemented. ( per drop more crop)
  • Reduction in the post- harvest loss to compensate the loss in the productivity.
  • Need to increasing the efficiency of agriculture supply chain.
  • Use of state of art technology to help collect meaningful data like Sensors, GPS and satellite imaging.
  • Development of resilient crops which can be grown in drought prone region.
  • Need to find solution for minimising the environmental impact.



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