DMPQ: What are ocean currents? What are the factors responsible for ocean currents.

Ocean current are nothing but movement of volume of water in defined direction and    with an identifiable speed. These current regulate the temperature and salinity of ocean currents and also get regulated by them.

Factors responsible for ocean currents:

  • Earth rotation from west to east . It leads to North equatorial current and south equatorial current moving from east to west.
  • Coriolis force : the force drift the movement of current in clockwise direction in northern hemisphere and anticlockwise in SH.
  • Frictional drag of planetary winds, rate of evaporation , heating by solar energy.
  • Temperature, salinity , density variation also impact the generation of oceanic current.
  • Apart from these, gravity tends to pull the pilled water down and create gradation.


Effect of ocean currents:

  • Snow free ports( example ??)
  • More rains by the increase moisture intake of westerlies.
  • Meeting ground of hot and cold current -fishing ground( example??)
  • Desiccating affect of cold current- desert.


( Draw world map, and list down various currents)

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