DMPQ- Differentiate between tropical and extra tropical cyclone.

Tropical Cyclone Extra tropical cyclone
It has thermal origin and derives its

energy from the latent heat of


It has dynamic origin involving coriolis force and movement of air masses. The energy of a temperate cyclone depends on the densities of air masses.
It is confined to 10o – 300 N and S of


It is confined to 350 – 650 N and S of equator. It is more pronounced in Northern hemisphere due to greater temperature contrast.
It is limited to small area. Its typical

size is 100 – 500 kms in diameter. It

varies with the strength of the


It covers a larger area. Its typical size is 300 – 2000 kms in diameter.
Doesn’t last for more than a week It lasts for two to three weeks
It moves from east to west It moves from west to east


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