DMPQ-Write down the potential of big data analytics in various sectors.

  1. Government: The Indian Government utilizes numerous techniques to ascertain how people areresponding to government action, as well as ideas for policy augmentation.
  2. Healthcare: Big data analytics plays a vital role in improving services and tackling some of theforemost challenges in the healthcare sector, especially in terms of patient profile analysis,genomic analysis, public health monitoring, diagnosis and consulting, fraud analysis etc.
  3. Agriculture: Big data analytics play vital role in precision farming by providing information onweather, real-time optimization of farming machinery, cloud-hosted information resources forfarmers, automated irrigation recommendations, monitoring of grain prices, and management ofinventories and budgets using mobile-based technologies.Recently, NITI Ayog signed an agreement with IBM to start a pilot project on “precisionagriculture” using big data analytics and AI in 10 districts to be selected from seven states: Assam,Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh.
  4. Retail/E-Commerce: Big Data Analytics tools play a key role in almost all stages of theecommerce and retail process. Main areas include forecasting the trends, detecting the potentialcustomers, optimization of the pricing models, customer segmentation based on the buyingbehaviour and present personalized, real time offers based on the customer preferences.
  5. Defense and Security: various sectors of big data applications in defence sector include:intelligence and surveillance; border, maritime and space management; operational planning;logistics management; fiscal and financial management; disaster management; futuretechnologies; cognitive analytics and analysis of archival data.
  6. Disaster Management: Big Data analytics in Disaster Management will facilitate warning, riskassessment and improve response. Further it will also enable post disaster damage assessment inscale and financial terms, and rescue, rehabilitation and relief
  7. Science and Research: Big data has contributed significantly in scientific discoveries. Forexample: Research such as Digital Earth and Global Change. Large datasets serve as importantinputs and support validation of current theories. Further, data intensive scientific discoveryprovide vital sources of new knowledge.
  8. Social Sector: Big data analytics that mine data from multiple databases across government andnon-government agencies provide insights into the delivery of social services and help improvethem.


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