DMPQ- Privatisation of Indian Railways has its own merits and demerits. Comment



  • Introduction of modern technology. The improvement in technology will also mean that coaches that now require maintenance after running 4,000 km will need maintenance after every 40,000 km, which translates to either once or twice a month.
  • Reduction in journey time comparable to operation by Indian railways due to technology introduce by private company.
  • Provide enhanced safety and world class travel experience as most private players usually seek for customer satisfaction so that their profits are not compromised.
  • Will provide train on demand. Data shows that 13.3 percent of passengers doing summer season were not able to get confirmed reservation.



  • Privatising trains in route where passenger traffic is less will discourage private players to operate trains in the route and may lead to high fares.
  • The fear of job less is always accompanied with the privatisation process.
  • Railways with its minimal fare for travel has been the lifeline for most of the Indian citizens (especially those poor people who are travelling in unreserved coaches). Privatisation will create a sense of alienation among those citizens, who till now view twins as a public good.
  • Profit motive of the private players may lead to increase in fairs. Though some private players may justify the higher fare for better services, transportation is a basic need of the citizens and hence regardless of better services , affordable fares for every citizens must be maintained.
  • Stopping the operation of train when the demand falls is a issue because this curb the access to a basic need.
  • A single pvt company cannot buy the entire railways, say train operation will be maintained by one, track maintenance by another etc. A conflict of interest between them arises when these companies differes in their plans. Say, the company maintaining trains can interested in running trains in a route where passenger traffic is less, but company maintain tracks may not interested because of potential losses in that route.

When entire railways is privatised the recruitment procedures will surely undergoes a drastic change and this have an impact both positively and negatively. It all depends on how the government regulates the private players operating the trains, so that no citizen is deprived of availability, accessibility and affordability of train travel.

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