DMPQ Archieve Day 1 to 33

Day 1 DPMQ Click Here for JPSC Mains Answer Writting- 29/08/2018

Q1.   Analyse the importance of Birsa Munda Movement for tribal rights in British India. (Jharkhand History)

Q2.   Describe the socio-economic condition of Harappan civilisation (History)

Q3.   Tabulate the difference between western ghats and eastern ghats? (Geography)

Q4.   Highlight the Characteristics of Indian economy. (Economy)

Q5    What is HGP read? How it is different from HGP write? List down the application of Human genome project? (Science Tech)

Q6.  Explain the Salient features of Indian Constitution? (Polity)

Day 2 DPMQ Click Here for JPSC Mains Answer Writting- 30/08/2018

Q1.   What are the changes one can observe from pre vedic era to the  late vedic era? (History)

Q2.   What do you understand by the term inflation? What are the causes of inflation? List down the tools to curb inflation? (Economy)

Q3.   Why can the lok sabha control the executive more efficiently than the Rajya sabha? (Polity)

Q4.   The Himalayas has played the important role of a foster mother for the Indians. Discuss. (Geography)

Q5    What is nanotechnology? Write down its application and mention programmes initiated by government of India? (Science Tech)

Q6  Give a brief account on the forest resources of Jharkhand. Schemes to conserve forest(Jharkhand Economy)

Day 3 DPMQ Click Here for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (01/09/2018)

Q1.   Note on Medieval Indo-Islamic Architecture. (History)

Q2.   Enumerate the difference between Himalayan and Peninsular drainage system? (Geography)

Q3.   What is the role of NITI aayog?  (Economy)

Q4.   Independence of judiciary is must for healthy democracy. Discuss the provisions   to maintain an independent judiciary (Polity)

Q5.  What are chromosomal disorders? Explain its types? Name and   explain any two types of   genetic disorders? (Science Tech)

Q6. Jharkhand enjoys unique geographical advantage in mineral reserves.Discuss the statement. (jHARKHAND Economy)

Day 4 DPMQ Click Here for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (02/09/2018)

Q1.   What is Bhakti movement? What are the essential feature of bhakti movement? (History)

Q2.   Discuss the flood scenario in India. Write down the consequence of floods. (Geography)

Q3.  What is the Green revolution? Analyse the impact of green revolution.  (Economy)

Q4. Explain the nature of DPSP? What are the difficulties to implement the DPSP? (Polity)

Q5.   What is ecosystem? Goods and services provided by the ecosystem is immense. Discuss (Science Tech)

Q6. DMPQ: Explain the following schemes: a) Bhimrao Ambedkar Awas Yojna: b) R- SETI: (Jharkhand Economy)

Day 5 DPMQ Click Here for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (03/09/2018)

Q1.   What is the difference between classical and folk dance forms . (History)

Q2.    Discuss the challenges of Indian Agriculture and present an outlook. (Geography)

Q3.   A healthy Infrastructure is a catalyst for a good economy. Discuss the statement in context of India. List down the key issues faced by infrastructure sector.  (Economy)

Q4    . What is basic structure of the constitution and discuss its relevance? (Polity)

Q.5.  What is navigation satellite? India launched IRNSS recently, what is IRNSS? What are its application(Science Tech)

Q6. Urbanisation is an inevitable process . Discuss the problems associated with with special reference to Jharkhand.(Jharkhand Economy)

Day 6 DPMQ Click Here for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (04/09/2018)

Q1.   The battle of Plassey and Battle of buxar proved to be the founding platform of British empire. Discuss(History)

Q2.   What do you understand by the term soil erosion and soil degradation? what are the causes of soil erosion? List down the solution to curb soil erosion. (Geography)

Q3.   Is cashless economy feasible in India? Also discuss the impact of it on informal economy? (Economy)

Q4. Why India adopted parliamentary form of government? Write down the merits and demerits of parliament government? (Polity)

Q5.   What is coral bleaching? What are the causes of coral bleaching? (Science Tech)

Q6 Jharkhand is one of the recently formed state of the Indian union. Like any new administrative entity, it also faces a number of issues.  What are those issues?(Jharkhand Polity)


Day 7 DPMQ Click Here for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (05/09/2018)

1.Revolt of 1857 was a major landmark in National freedom struggle. What changes it brought to the governance system?   (History)

2.Discuss the problems associated with coal mining in India. (Geography)

3.What are the types of pressure groups? Discuss the significane of Pressure groups. (Polity)

4.What are malware? What are its different types? (Science)

5.What is black money? Discuss its implication in context of India? (Economy)

6. Agriculture is an important sector for Jharkhand  discuss and Outline the agro-climatic zones of Jharkhand.(Jharkhand Economy)


Day 8 DPMQ Click Here for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (06/09/2018)

1. Home charges is one of the major component of drain of wealth. In this context please explain home charge and also list down the effect of drain of wealth.

2.India is a federation with a strong centre. Comment.

3.What is groundwater contamination? What are the cause of ground water contamination?

4.What is artificial intelligence? List down its application.

5.What are the causes of unemployment in India?

6.Agriculture has been a main pillar for rural economy. Discuss the steps taken by government of Jharkhand to impart sustainability to this sector.(Jharkhand Economy)

Day 9 DPMQ  for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (07/09/2018)

1. Rural development is key to achieve sustainable and holistic development. In this context please explain and outline the objectives of Jharkhand opportunities for harnessing growth? (Jharkhand Economy)

2. Textile industry is one of the labor intensive industry. List down the challenges faced by textile industry and govt. initiative to address them. (Geography)

3. What are the constitutional safeguards there for SC and ST. (Polity)

4. Big data is always in the news recently. What do you understand by the term bio data? What are it potential application? (Science)

5. System of communal representation was started in GOI Act, 1909 called morley minto reforms. Discuss the salient features of Morley minto reforms. (History)

6. India’s growth story has bypassed the industrial sector. what  are the reasons for low performance of industrial sector in India post liberalisation. (Economy)

Day 10 DPMQ  for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (08/09/2018)

1. Wealth inequality is a serious concern for the Government around the world. What are the reasons for wealth inequality in India? List down the consequence of wealth inequality.(Economy)

2. Sugar mills are facing some serious problems in the recent past. List down the       reason for problems attached with sugar mills. Why  performance of mills in peninsular India is better than that of north India?(Geography)

3. Social reform movements played their role in making of modern India. Discuss the features of Social reform movement.(History)

4. What is 52nd Constitutional amendment act. Discuss the issues attached with it.(Polity)

5. What is blockchain technology? List down advantage and application (Science)

6. Food security is one of the prime objective of a welfare state. Name the department which ensures food security and state its objective.(Jharkhand Economy)

Day 11 DPMQ  for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (10/09/2018)

1. What are GM crops? Discuss its advantage and issue involved. (Science)

2. What are ocean currents? What are the factors responsible for ocean currents.   (Geography)              

3. Deindustrialisation was one of the impact of British rule. Give the reasons for deindustrialisation of India? (History)

4. Arguments in favour and against the linguistic organisation of state. (Polity)

5. Sagarmala is an ambitious project. What is sagarmala? What are the challenges in implementation? Discuss the prospect of the project. (Geography)

6. Discuss the following schemes 1.Mukhaymantri Dal Bhaat Yojana: 2.Patr Grihast Yojana:(Jharkhand Economy)

Day 12 DPMQ  for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (11/09/2018)

1. What is PPP ? Certain issues are faced by PPP. Examine that (Economy)

2. Montreal protocol has been one of the rarest treaty that achieve success. What is Montreal protocol all about?(Geography)

3. What is urban flood? List down the reason for urban floods and map out the solution.(Geography)

4. Present a critique on DPSP.(Polity)

5. Enumerate the characteristics of 1857 revolt.(History)

6. Mahila kisan sasaktikaran Paryojana.(Jharkhand Economy)

Day 13 DPMQ  for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (12/09/2018)

1. Raja Ram mohan roy was the maker of Modern India. Discuss. (History)

2. Effect of climate change on Himalayan Glaciers and effect on human settlement. (Geography)

3. Arguments in favour and against the linguistic organisation of state.(Polity)

4. What is net neutrality? Write down the significance. (Science)

5. Air India is severely under stressed but aviation sector is not. Identify the potential and challenges?(Economy)

Day 14 DPMQ  for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (13/09/2018)

1. Revolt of 1857 has its own limitation. Discuss the limitation of the revolt.(History)

2. What is the diff between FR and ordinary right? Discuss the significance of FR? (Polity)

3. What is 3 parent child? (Science)

4. Compare Temperate cyclone and tropical cyclone. (Geography)

5. Development is a myth without rendering women equality. Discuss in the context with women participation in labor force(Economy)

Day 15 DPMQ  for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (14/09/2018)

  1. What are neutrinos? How they are formed and list down their applications.
  2. Re -promulgation of ordinance is a threat to the democratic set up. In light of the statement discuss what is ordinance making power of president? limitations on ordinance making power.
  3. One of the effect of Home rule movement was that Participation in freedom movement shifted from elite class to masses, which gave it a new dimension. Do you agree with the statement.
  4. What are the reasons for high fertility rate in India?
  5. What is globalisation? Examine its impact on the pattern of employment.


Day 16 DPMQ  for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (15/09/2018)

  1. What is e governance? What are its benefits ?
  2. Child marriage is rampant in India. Explain the factors responsible for this practice.
  3. what do you understand by the term demographic dividend? This dividend is fast becoming liability. Discuss?
  4. What is Li-fi technology? List down its application
  5. Evaluate the role of Dayanand Saraswati in the social reform movement of the 19th century.


Day 16 DPMQ  for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (15/09/2018)

  1. What is e governance? What are its benefits ?
  2. Child marriage is rampant in India. Explain the factors responsible for this practice.
  3. what do you understand by the term demographic dividend? This dividend is fast becoming liability. Discuss?
  4. What is Li-fi technology? List down its application
  5. Evaluate the role of Dayanand Saraswati in the social reform movement of the 19th century.

Day 17 DPMQ  for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (16/09/2018)

  1. What is Disinvestment? What are its advantages and disadvantages.
  2. what are seismic waves? Explain the different type of seismic waves?
  3. State public service commission are not at par with the union public service commission. Discuss
  4. What is radioactivity? List down the application of radioactivity
  5. Lord Rippon contribution to Indian governance was of immense significance. comment

Day 18 DPMQ  for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (17/09/2018)

  1. What is El Nino and southern oscillation and How it affects the Indian Monsoon.
  2. What are intellectual property rights? What is the need of IPR? List down the objective of IPR policy?
  3. What are lokadalats: its structure and function? How they are different than normal courts?
  4. What is the difference between Tax evasion and Tax avoidance? What are the methods of Tax evasion?
  5. Even though Non cooperation movement failed to achieve its objective but it gave direction to the national movement.

Day 19 DPMQ  for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (18/09/2018)

  1. What is FRBM act? Why the objectives of FRBM were not achieved.
  2. What are the qualities of a fissile material. Discuss the advantage of Thorium reactors.
  3. Do you think there is an urgent need of reform in Criminal Justice system.
  4. Discuss the evolution of modern education in India.
  5. Discuss the factors associated with tea cultivation.

Day 20 DPMQ  for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (19/09/2018)

  1. Discuss the types of nuclear reactors.
  2. what were the factors that led the educated elite in India to introspect into their own culture?
  3. What is MUDRA? Discuss its significance
  4. Discuss the features of the Monsoon type of climate.

Day 21 DPMQ  for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (20/09/2018)

  1. Why deserts are on the western margins of the continent?
  2.  Discuss the role played by DRDO in Life science field.      
  3. What is ecommerce? Various types of models of e-commerce? What are the positives for e commerce.
  4. Discuss the role played by Subash Chandra boss in the Indian national freedom struggle.
  5. Chief secretary is a lynchpin in state administration. Discuss

Day 22 DPMQ  for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (21/09/2018)

  1. Higher teledensity will help to solve various problems. In light of this discuss the recently drafted National telecom policy.
  2. What were the characteristics of Modern Indian Nationalism.
  3. Explain the Savanna type of climate
  4. Examine the role of startup as driver of growth.
  5. State secretariat plays a crucial role in policy making. In this context explain the roles and functions of State secretariat.

Day 23 DPMQ  for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (22/09/2018)

  1. What are the different types of majority present in the Indian Constitution
  2. What are allotropes? Discuss the allotropes of carbon with their features
  3. Discuss the steppe type of climate.
  4. FDI is good for a Country like India. But FDI is also not immune from criticism. Discuss the ill effect of FDI.

Day 24 DPMQ  for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (23/09/2018)

  1. What is Integrated Guided Missile Development programmes?
  2. why make in India is essential for sustained growth of India?
  3. What is Earthquake? List down the causes of Earthquake?
  4. Constitution is the most sacrosanct document. Trace the outline of the framing of Indian constitution.
  5. What were the effect of Reformation and Counter Reformation?


Day 25 DPMQ  for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (24/09/2018)

  1. What are Chemical weapons? Give some examples.? List down the conventions against the use of chemical weapons.
  2. Distribution of volcanoes around the world.
  3. Tendulkar committee on estimation of poverty changed the basis of calculating poverty. Discuss.
  4. Discuss the Challenges faced by the ECI? List down the reforms brought out by ECI for conducting free and fair elections.

Day 26 DPMQ  for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (25/09/2018)

  1. Why Renaissance began only in Italy and Nowhere else? Discuss the characteristics and Impact of Renaissance?
  2. Explain the Concepts of air breathing propulsion and re-usable launch vehicle? How these two technology can be game changer for our quest for space?
  3. Differentiate between the Composite and the shield Lava.
  4. If poverty is a problem, rural poverty poses a greater threat . In this context discuss the reasons for rural poverty.
  5. What is a motion? What is the difference between censure motion and no confidence motion.

Day 27 DPMQ  for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (26/09/2018)

  1. Give an account on the Distribution of Earthquake potential zone in the world.
  2. Discuss the features of consolidated FDI Policy for 2017.
  3. Enumerate the difference between ballistic and cruise missile.
  4. Please gave an account of the following in 50 words. a) fissure vent b) Chinook c) Fohn
  5. Safeguarding the political right is an integral part of the constitution. In this context discuss the role of election commission

Day 28 DPMQ  for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (27/09/2018)

  1. What are sedimentary rocks? What are the its different types? List down the features of sedimentary rocks.
  2. What are ethical issues attached with Biotechnology? Discuss in detail.
  3. Discuss the Challenges faced by the ECI? List down the reforms brought out by ECI for conducting free and fair elections.
  4. Impact of Industrial revolution was huge on Europe in general and Britain in particular. Comment
  5. 2/3rd of our population lies in the rural India. In rural India incidence of poverty is high. Discuss the methods adopted by the Government of India to address rural distress.
  6. Explain the following term: a) Biomagnification b) Bioremediation

Day 29 DPMQ  for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (28/09/2018)

Thought of the day:   Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Facts on education:   Only 25% of the higher education age group were enrolled in higher education in India as of 2013, in comparison to the UK or France where the number is around 60% or Brazil, another BRICS country, where the rate was around 36% in 2009.

  1. Exit problem is the biggest hurdle for Indian firms as per economic survey. To get rid of this Insolvency and Bankruptcy code was passed. What are the features of IBC.
  2. Safeguarding the political right is an integral part of the constitution. In this context discuss the role of election commission.
  3. What are the reasons for seasonality?
  4. What is Biopiracy? Give some examples?
  5. Moderates played an important role in the Freedom struggle. What are the characteristics of Indian Nationalism?
  6. What is catalytic converter? What is its significance.  and What is galvanisation?

Day 30 DPMQ  for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (29/09/2018)

Thought of the day:   “If we waste our time, it wastes us”

  1. Even though Indian economy is growing at a rate of 7% GDP, but still it has some  Inherent vulnerabilities? Discuss (Economy)
  2. What is continental drift theory? Write down the evidence for continental drift?( geography)
  3. Inadequate implementation of Constitutional safeguards is one   of the reason for Tribal Unrest? Discuss.( Polity+ sociology)
  4. Explain ‘Geysers’ and ‘Hot springs’? (Geography)
  5.  What is MIRV? Discuss its significance. (Science)
  6. What is digestion and digestive system? Explain the mechanism of digestion of food?( Science)

Day 31 DPMQ  for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (30/09/2018)

TOD:      Envt. Pollution does not know the political boundary.

FOD:      India’s Cash/gdp  aprox.12%

  1. What were the objectives of Demonetisation? What were the positive effects? ( Economy)
  2. What is Trade parity Price?( 2marker/economy)
  3. What is e-way bill?(2 marker/economy)
  4. What is OPEC? ( 2 marker/ International relation)
  5. What is Communalism and Communal violence? How to fight against communalism? ( Sociology)
  6. Western Ghats in Karnataka receive more monsoon rainfall than Maharashtra and Kerala.Explain (Geography)
  7. Explain the cleansing action of Soap?( General Science)

Day 32 DPMQ  for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (01/10/2018)

TOD:      Poverty anywhere is danger to prosperity everywhere.

FOD:     According to the national judicial data grid, 3.3 crore cases are pending in Indian Court.

              SC : 57,987

              HC’s: 43 lakhs

              Sub-ordinate: 2.84 crore

  1. Government policies and schemes for the welfare of tribals have not borne the desired result. List down the causes of the ineffectiveness of the schemes and policies . Give some suggestions to improve their condition. (Sociology)
  2. What is Respiratory system? Give an Overview of Respiration Process? ( Science)
  3. DMPQ: Unutilised employment potential in the phase of demographic transition will only lead to demographic catastrophe. Explain the cause of Unemployment in India. Steps taken by India to tackle unemployment. (Economy)
  4. Explain the following: 1) Global Human Capital Index 2) Municipal Bond 3) P-notes 4) Security transaction tax
  5. What are the objectives and features of Pradhanmantri Krishi Sichai Yojana? ( Government Schemes)
  6. The peasantry of his dominions are protected, and their labor encouraged and rewarded” John shore stated about the Mysore kingdom. In this context discuss the reforms initiated by Tipu sultan which were way ahead of the time. ( Modern history)

Day 33 DPMQ  for JPSC Mains Answer Writting (02/10/2018)

  1. The executive power of the Union shall be vested in the President and shall be exercised by him either directly or through officers subordinate to him in accordance with this Constitution. But President also enjoys legislative powers. Delineate the legislative powers of the President.( Polity)
  2. What is Permanent settlement? Writ its impacts.( Modern History)
  3. What are different types of plate boundaries?( World Phy. Geo)
  4. A healthy infrastructure is  must for a sustained economic growth. Bharatmala project was one of the step towards healthy infrastructure. What is Bharatmala project? What are the challenges in its implementation? ( Govt. Schemes)
  5. Recently infrastructure status was given to the logistics sector? Analyse the advantages and major hurdles. (economy)
  6. Explain the following terms;

        1) TAccavi

        2) Repo rate

        3) Base rate

        4) Marginal cost of fund based lending rate

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