DMPQ-. Explain the challenges associated with India’s data privacy policy in the context of whatsapp privacy policy issue.

At the beginning of the yearof the year, WhatsApp took the seemingly mundane step of updating its terms of use and privacy policy, mostly focused on the app’s business offerings. The changes sparked a major backlash, though, because they inadvertently highlighted WhatsApp’s years-old policy of sharing certain user data, like phone numbers, with parent company Facebook. Rather than change the policy that sparked the controversy, WhatsApp instead moved the deadline for users to accept it from the original date of February 8 to Saturday.

WhatsApp has reiterated that its messaging app is end-to-end encrypted and that it doesn’t have access to your private chats or location. The company doesn’t share private messages or other data with Facebook. But, the new update will enable WhatsApp to use some of the “business conversations” hosted with the social network for advertising.

If you don’t accept the new privacy policy, you won’t lose full functionality immediately as the company will gradually disable all the features. WhatsApp is saying that it will continue to send the reminder to accept the new policy, and after a period of several weeks, the company will limit the functionality for those who don’t accept the update.

WhatsApp will also stop sending messages and calls to your phone. So, those who haven’t accepted WhatsApp’s new privacy policy will have to accept it if they want to use this messaging app. The company is saying that it won’t delete your WhatsApp account if you don’t accept the update, but if you can’t use any of the features, then there is no point in having an account.

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