27.03.18 JPSC (Jharkhand) Current Affairs



  • Jharkhand has lowest college density in country: Study


  • Abysmally poor college-student ratio has turned out to be Jharkhand’s major cause for the brain drain. The All India Survey of Higher Education (AISHE) data released by the Union ministry of human resource development, said the state higher education sector has been discouraging with just eight colleges per one lakh students against the national average of 28 colleges.


  • The lack of colleges has been one of the major reasons behind the mass outflow of students from Jharkhand into other states for higher education witnessed during the past few years, experts said.


  • As far as the college density per one lakh students is concerned, Jharkhand has the lowest ranking among all states with just 307 colleges to cater to the demands of students graduating from schools here, according to AISHE 2016-17 released in January.



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