30-31.01.22 Daily jPSC Current Affairs

  JHARKHAND Inaccessible villages being electrified through solar power plants Villages located in remote and inaccessible areas of Jharkhand are now illuminating with the help of solar energy. These are the villages where electrification was not possible through a grid or conventional electrification methods. Ultimately, a total of 7740 un-electrified households have been electrified with … Read more

29.01.22 Daily jPSC Current Affairs

  JHARKHAND Didi Badigiya scheme bringing smile on farmers’ faces   The State Government launched Didi BagiyaYojna in 2021 under MGNREGA intending to prepare farmers of the State as entrepreneurs due to this the Government demanded saplings under the MGNREGA scheme and the State was not able to get enough quality saplings for the plantation. … Read more

28.01.22 Daily jPSC Current Affairs

JHARKHAND Jharkhand MSMEs to seek Centre’s intervention to end power crisis   The micro, small and medium enterprises of Jharkhand  said they will seek Centre’s intervention for ensuring unhindered power supply by the Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) in its command areas in the state. The Jharkhand Small Industries Association (JSIA), the umbrella organization of the MSME … Read more

27.01.22 Daily jPSC Current Affairs

JHARKHAND Jharkhand poorly managed central funds meant for running welfare schemes’   BJP’s state chief Deepak Prakash  evening alleged that the Jharkhand government has been trying to mask its failures by falsely accusing the Union government of not disbursing appropriate funds for running the social welfare schemes here. Prakash convened a press meet at the BJP’s state headquarters … Read more

25-26.01.22 Daily jPSC Current Affairs

JHARKHAND Pact to ease transition from traditional to clean energy   Taking a step towards realising just transition, involving the phasing out of fossil fuel usage and increasing dependability on renewables in the state, the Jharkhand government has signed a memorandum of understanding with International Forum for Environment Sustainability and Technology (i-Forest). The MoU got a nod … Read more

23-24.12.21 Daily jPSC Current Affairs

JHARKHAND   Mobile vans to develop reading habits among students In order to compensate for the loss of studies of students due to the corona pandemic especially in rural areas, the State Education department has decided to roll out mobile reading vans. These mobile vans will be like mini libraries having books, magazines for all … Read more

22.01.22 Daily jPSC Current Affairs

  JHARKHAND BAU & Agri Dept begin research on oil seed ‘GobhiSarson’ Agricultural think tank of the State, Birsa Agricultural University (BAU), and the Agricultural Directorate of the State Government are jointly trying to increase income of the farmers of the State. In order to do so, BAU has started research on the newly emerging … Read more

21.01.22 Daily jPSC Current Affairs

  JHARKHAND Akshaya Patra kitchen to be built in Hazaribag at a cost of Rs 27 crore   The project of Akshaya Patra kitchen in Hazaribagh is taking shape with the efforts of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance and Hazaribagh MP cum Chairman Jayant Sinha. The project is likely to be completed in the … Read more

19.01.22 Daily jPSC Current Affairs

JHARKHAND 23k farmers get benefit from drip irrigation project Around 11,800 farmers in the entire State are on the path of entrepreneurship by earning more than good production due to micro drip irrigation and other facilities. So far, about 23000 farmers have been registered to join Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society (JSLPS) run drip irrigation … Read more

18.01.22 Daily jPSC Current Affairs

  JHARKHAND Govt creates women-friendly work environment at MGNREGA worksites In pursuit of encompassing the maximum number of the female workforce in the implementation of schemes under MGNREGA, the State government is providing training to women labourers to work as female mates at the worksites. To ensure that unskilled women labourers become skilled/semi-skilled and get … Read more

16-17.01.22 Daily jPSC Current Affairs

  JHARKHAND Jamshedpur to get ‘Iconic Road’ Corridor to be strengthened Similar to the lines of Mount Road in Chennai and Nandan Kanan Road in Bhubaneshwar, Jamshedpur will also get its ‘Iconic Road’. Initial plans are being made to strengthen the East-West Corridor. City’s civic provider company Tata Steel UISL (erstwhile JUSCO) is working on … Read more

15.01.22 Daily jPSC Current Affairs

  JHARKHAND   JREDA & JSLPS to connect 100 villages to Solar Power The State Government is preparing for solar power generation in the villages. Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Agency (JREDA) and Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society (JSLPS) have been given the responsibility of this work and villages are being visited in the State to … Read more

14.01.22 Daily jPSC Current Affairs

  JHARKHAND J’khand gets 200MW solar power from Guj Jharkhand has started receiving solar power from Gujarat through the Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL) as part of the Renewable (Energy) Purchase Obligation (RPO). The 200MW solar power received from PGCIL will ensure an uninterrupted power supply in areas under the Jharkhand UrjaSancharan Nigam LImited (JUSNL). Notably, … Read more

13.01.22 Daily jPSC Current Affairs

  JHARKHAND   Voice to include ‘Mathili’ for jobs in Jharkhand gains momentum   International Maithili Council (Antarrastriya Maithili Parishad) has demanded from the Jharkhand government to add Mathili language to the list of regional languages that could be opted by candidates for job examinations to do district level posts.With more voices, Maithili speaking people … Read more

12.01.22 Daily jPSC Current Affairs

    JHARKHAND PMAY (U) progress work reviewed for better implementation   In an attempt to provide benefits of various schemes to the every people of the State, under the chairmanship of Director, Directorate of Urban Administration, Urban Development and Housing, Vijaya Jadhav an online review meeting was convened on Monday with various municipal bodies, … Read more

11.01.22 Daily jPSC Current Affairs

JHARKHAND State to set up women help desks at all police stations The Hemant Soren Government has decided to set up Women Help Desks (WHD) at all police stations across 24 districts of the state to tackle cases of crime against women. In the first phase, WHD will be set up at 300 selected police … Read more

09-10.12.21 Daily jPSC Current Affairs

    JHARKHAND Work begins in State to set up ‘KrishakPathshalas’ & Birsa Gram Under the state plan, for the current financial year 2021-22, to increase crop production and productivity in the agriculture sector and to demonstrate advanced agricultural technology, the State government has started work on the plan to develop KrishakPathshala and Birsa Village … Read more

08.01.22 Daily jPSC Current Affairs

JHARKHAND Khunti farmers increasing income by herbal cultivation Earlier, the farmers whose fields were lying vacant, who could not do farming, today their income has increased through herbal farming. About 2500 farmers are associated with cultivation in Khunti district. Salary in the income of these farmers has increased by Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000. The … Read more

07.01.22 Daily jPSC Current Affairs

JHARKHAND   Jharkhand urges Centre to facilitate faster delivery of genome sequencing report   Faced with delay in procuring genome sequencing reports owing to the absence of necessary equipment, the Jharkhand government has urged the Centre to link its sample collection centres and diagnostic laboratories with medical institutes that provide quick results. The Union health ministry said … Read more

06.01.22 Daily jPSC Current Affairs

  JHARKHAND 3,95,798 youths become voters in Jharkhand The Election Commission has released the updated data of voters of the State. According to this figure, the number of youth voters in the State is 3,95,798. Electoral Roll revision work was started by the commission from the month of November. After the completion of the revision … Read more

05.01.22 Daily jPSC Current Affairs

  JHARKHAND   RD secretary directs 100% approval under PMAY-R Rural Development Secretary, Dr Manish Ranjan has given instructions to all Deputy Development Commissioners (DDCs) to give 100 per cent approval of pending houses under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana -Rural (PMAY-R) 2016-2021 and to take those houses which are not completed on remand as per … Read more

04.01.22 Daily jPSC Current Affairs

    JHARKHAND Grant for upkeep of animals increased from Rs 9K to 36K: Badal Agriculture Animal Husbandry and Cooperation Minister Badal todat said that the State government is determined to strengthen all the gaushalas of the State, that is why it has increased the maximum amount of Rs 9000 as grant for the maintenance … Read more

03.01.22 Daily jPSC Current Affairs

  JHARKHAND   Govt to develop App for availing petrol subsidy State Chief Minister Hemant Soren on completion of two years of his Government announced to provide Rs 25 per litre subsidy to all ration card holders in the state if they buy the fuel for their two-wheelers. The scheme aims to provide monetary relief … Read more

01-02.01.22 Daily jPSC Current Affairs

JHARKHAND Now, apple cultivation begins in State’s Palamu district Like Himachal apple, it will be easily available in Jorhat, adjacent to Daltoganj. Palamu Divisional Commissioner, Jata Shankar Chaudhary on Tuesday launched the cultivation of Hariman 99 varieties of apples being done by Gopal Lal Agarwal, Umesh Agarwal and Akhilesh Agarwal in Jorkat village in Palamu … Read more

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