DMPQ-Define Knowledge centric Development. Discuss India’s position on this paradigm

The Knowledge-centric Development is a system of consumption and production that is based on intellectual capital. In particular, it refers to the ability to capitalize on scientific discoveries and basic and applied research. In a knowledge economy, a significant component of value may thus consist of intangible assets such as the value of its workers’ … Read more

DMPQ-Discuss the major features of Dam safety Act,2021. Mention it’s Need as well

Features of the act The National Committee on Dam Safety will be constituted and will be chaired by the chairperson, Central Water Commission. Functions of the committee will include formulating policies and regulations regarding dam safety standards and prevention of dam failures, analyzing the causes of major dam failures, and suggesting changes in dam safety … Read more

DMPQ-Do you agree that Ukraine crisis is an inflection point for west led Global Order ?

The Ukraine crisis has come to a head with Russia biting the bullet and launching “a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.”  Even as the United Nations Secretary-General was warning that the world was facing a “moment of peril” and calling for “restraint, reason and de-escalation” to avoid “a scale and severity of need unseen for many … Read more

DMPQ-Discuss how women’s needs are key to Swachh Bharat Mission’s success.

The sustainable development goals (Target 6.2) require India “by 2030, to achieve access to adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all and end open defecation, paying special attention to the needs of women and girls and those in vulnerable situations.” Swachh Bharat Mission 2 .0 speaks of sustained behavioral change while embarking on the … Read more

DMPQ-Suggest some measures how India can make it’s Cyber security Doctrine indefensible

Presently, all across the world, the changes in military doctrines favoring the need to raise cyber commands reflect a shift in strategies, which include building deterrence in cyberspace. Moreover, the area of influence of cybersecurity extends far beyond military domains to cover all aspects of a nation’s governance, economy, and welfare. India ranks 3rd in … Read more

DMPQ-Critically Evaluate India’s new IT (Information Technology) rules 2021.

The Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021 (the “Intermediary Rules”) fundamentally change the way the internet will be experienced in India. While Part I of the Intermediary Rules mainly lays down the definitions of terms, Part II and Part III contain the actual compliances and requirements. Part II deals with … Read more

dmpq-“Heavy public investment is necessary for the universal primary education .” Discuss by mentioning some examples from india’s states.

Seven decades after the UDHR, 58 million children are out of school globally and more than 100 million children get eliminated from the schooling system before completing primary education. India tops the list of countries with out-of-school children. The 2011 Census affirmed that 84 million children in the country do not go to school at … Read more

dmpq-Discuss the measures to stabilize India’s population growth.

. The National Population Policy 2000 affirmed a commitment to achieve replacement levels of fertility (total fertility rate of 2.1) by 2010. Ten states — Karnataka, Punjab, Gujarat, Assam, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala — and Jammu and Kashmir, have achieved this goal, albeit much delayed. The question that arises … Read more

dmpq-“Women bear a disproportionately high burden of unpaid domestic work and care work in India.” Discuss.

. Women bear a disproportionately high burden of unpaid domestic work and care work in India. They carry a disproportionately higher burden of unpaid work, namely, unpaid domestic services as well as unpaid care of children, the old, and the disabled for their respective households. Women do this job not necessarily because they like it … Read more

dmpq-“For a banking sector-dependent economy like India, the good health of the banks is very important to ensure accessible financial services and flow of credit to support the growing economy.” Discuss India’s banking sector amid covid-19 crisis.

. Indian banks were written off in the early days of the pandemic when there were expectations of an exponential jump in non-performing assets. This worry continued well into the third quarter of the year. It was, however, only after the banks, in their forward guidance, consistently talked about the lower number of restructuring requests, … Read more

dmpq-“India needs to define its climate policies in ways that meet diplomatic, developmental and climate interest simultaneously.” Discuss.

Current proposals for a pledge of net-zero emissions by 2050, particularly if bound in law, would likely win India diplomatic credit, but risk our development future, and ironically, may not, in practice, accelerate our transition to a low-carbon future. India has an opportunity to claim leadership by being ambitious, by shifting the spotlight to concrete … Read more

dmpq-. Explain how Electoral bond scheme is a blot in Election Transparency and a threat to Democracy.

In less than three years of their introduction, by virtue of the anonymity they offer to donors, electoral bonds have become the most popular route of political donation. However, many political experts are of the opinion that electoral bonds in their design and operation, allow for limitless and anonymous corporate donations to political parties. This … Read more

dmpq-Discuss the causes and implications of downfall in the parliamentary working with recent examples.

Parliament recently passed the National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Bill, 2021, which significantly increases the powers of the Lieutenant-Governor (L-G) of Delhi. Despite the nature of the sweeping changes this bill proposed, it was not sent to a parliamentary committee, and there was no formal consultation with stakeholders, civil society, or experts before it … Read more

dmpq-Discuss the needs to change India’s Maritime Doctrine with reference to emerging challenges in Indian Ocean.

The United States (US) secretary of defence, Lloyd Austin’s recent visit to India underlined the strategic importance of India in Washington’s Indo-Pacific engagements. Although the US and India did not sign any specific agreements during the visit, defence minister Rajnath Singh and Austin provided, with their brief statements, a glimpse into the areas of collaboration … Read more

dmpq-“India needs to revisit National Action plan on Business and Human Rights to ensure that businesses does not violate the human rights.” Discuss.

. India endorsed the United Nations Guiding Principles (UNGP) on Business and Human Rights more than a decade ago. Accordingly, it has to evolve a National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights (NAP) detailing actions to ensure businesses do not violate human rights. There is a law that prevents companies from advertising tobacco near … Read more

dmpq-. Discuss the role of MNREGA in building necessary infrastructure to fight the climate crisis.

While the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) has been a valuable employment tool and safety net, as seen in the migrant crisis, its role in building ecosystems resilient to the climate crisis is being increasingly recognised. There is now an urgent need to bring upfront the scheme’s potential in addressing matters of … Read more

DMPQ-. Do you agree that in the emerging Geopolitical scenario India should join NATO ?

During the Cold War, India’s refusal was premised on its non-alignment. That argument had little justification once the Cold War ended during 1989-91. Since then, NATO has built partnerships with many neutral and non-aligned states. NATO has regular consultations with both Russia and China, despite the gathering tensions with them in recent years. An India-NATO … Read more

DMPQ-India’s food wastage problem is a huge factor to it’s hunger and malnutrition problem. Suggest some measures to curb India’s food wastage problem.

The problem of food waste is a relatively modern one. India is an ancient civilisation and we have been prudent about food for millennia. Our parents and grandparents, too, once approached food and cooking with the same prudence. Yet, somewhere along the way, we lost sight of this “waste not, want not” mentality. Nearly 40 … Read more

DMPQ-Discuss the causes of recent Maoists attack in Bastar . Do you agree that it is a strategic failure of India’s Internal security management ?

The COMBING OPERATION by local and central police forces in the Tekulguda region of Bastar, Chhattisgarh,  mounted to apprehend a Maoist leader went terribly wrong and resulted in the death of 22 security personnel and many more wounded. This tragic incident is a major and embarrassing setback to the IS (internal security) capability of India … Read more

DMPQ-Given the geopolitical, economic, ethnic, and religious contexts of the South Asian region India needs to have a clear refugee policy in place.” Discuss.

.  Recently, there has been an influx of illegal migrants into India after the military coup and subsequent crackdown in Myanmar. The current plight of the Myanmarese has been preceded by that of another group of Myanmarese, the Rohingya. Historically, India has witnessed an inflow of refugees from many neighboring countries. The refugee issue poses … Read more

DMPQ-. Discuss the economic rationale of Bank privatization. Also explain why India needs to be careful regarding privatization of public sector banks.

Before the government concludes its discussions with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on privatising public sector banks (PSBs), it may want to study the history of Indira Gandhi’s bank nationalisation — for nationalisation did have its positive outcomes and privatisation can have negative outcomes. The pre-nationalised banks had a profit motive, and shared close … Read more

DMPQ-Discuss the significance of Data protection bill 2019 in the era of data privacy violation.

The pandemic has increased people’s participation in the digital economy. Unfortunately, the number of personal data breaches from major digital service providers has increased worryingly in the same period. The recent alleged data breach at MobiKwik could stand to be India’s biggest breach with the data of 9.9 crore users at risk. Given the significance … Read more

DMPQ-Explain how BIMSTEC needs reinvention to play an important role in extending India’s diplomatic role in ASEAN and Indian Ocean.

Recently, the foreign ministers of BIMSTEC (the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation) met in a virtual conference. This is the first ministerial since the globe has been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. BIMSTEC as a regional organization has achieved a lot in Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief and security, including … Read more

DMPQ-Discuss how Independent functioning of Election Commission of India (ECI) Is important for healthy Democracy. Also mention the issues associated with the functioning of Election commission of India.

The Election Commission of India (ECI) is a creation of the Constitution. Article 324 says the superintendence, direction, and control of all elections to Parliament, the State legislatures, and the offices of the President and Vice-President shall be vested in the ECI. The article has been interpreted by courts and by orders of the ECI … Read more

DMPQ-“Practice of issuing ordinances to make law and that of re-issuing ordinances without getting them ratified by Parliament is not healthy for Democracy.” Discuss with some examples.

. Recently, the central government has repromulgated the Commission for Air Quality Management in the National Capital Region and Adjoining Areas Ordinance, 2020. The ordinance establishes a commission for air quality management in the National Capital Region. This raises questions about the practice of issuing ordinances to make law and that of re-issuing ordinances without … Read more

DMPQ-. Discuss how hydrogen energy is fast becoming important part of sustainable energy plan in the world and india.

. Recently, the Government of India has announced to scale up the target of having 450 GW of renewable energy by 2030. In this context, the Union Budget 2021 has proposed the launch of the National Hydrogen Energy Mission. Hydrogen is one of the most abundant elements on earth for a cleaner alternative fuel option. … Read more

DMPQ-Discuss the significance of women’s inclusion in India’s financial inclusion.

. For a long time, financial service providers have focused on high net-worth individuals, salaried individuals and business owners to increase their profitability. This is attributed mainly to two factors. One, a lot is known about these segments because they leave large financial footprints and rich data. This enables financial service providers to make accurate … Read more

DMPQ-Discuss the significance of natural gas in India’s road to mission clean energy.

Policy makers, climate negotiators, academicians, corporates and NGOs are currently fixated on the concept of “net zero carbon emissions” and the appropriate target year for achieving it. Supported by economic analysis and moral logic and drawing on the concept of “common but differentiated responsibility”, their arguments swirl around its meaning and whether the date should … Read more

DMPQ-Define the concept of ‘One Health’. Explain why it has become more important amid the covid-19 pandemic.

. The father of modern pathology, Rudolf Virchow, emphasised in 1856 that there are essentially no dividing lines between animal and human medicine.This concept is ever more relevant as the world is facing a second wave of Covid-19 pandemic. This approach is referred to as “One Health”, focuses on acknowledging the interconnectedness of animals, humans, … Read more

DMPQ-. Discuss India-UK ties amid pandemic and economic crisis. Also mention the challenges of this Bilateral relations.

India and the United Kingdom share a modern partnership bound by strong historical ties. The bilateral relationship that was upgraded to a strategic partnership in 2004 and further strengthened by the successive government. The possibilities range from ramping up vaccine production to the structuring of a strong public health system in India, the absence of … Read more

DMPQ-Discuss how India’s banking sector needs next generation reforms.

The government recently announced new banking reforms, involving the establishment of a Development Finance Institution (DFI) for infrastructure, creation of a Bad Bank to address the problem of chronic non-performing assets (NPAs), and privatisation of public sector banks (PSBs) to ease its burden in terms of mobilising additional capital. The Indian banking sector has been … Read more

DMPQ-. Discuss the significance of Cooperative Centre-State relations in fighting against covid-19 pandemic.

history of federal relationship between the states and the centre is fraught with cold indifference at its best and tension and conflict at its worst. It is needless to emphasise that the context of opposing political ideologies and pragmatic orientations has always supplied grounds on which the ruling regime at the centre and governments at … Read more

DMPQ-Discuss the need to revolutionize India-EU relations in the wake new happenings in the world and India.

It has been a long road from the first European Union (EU)-India Summit in 2000 to the virtual India-EU leaders meeting in 2021, which saw Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi interacting with the 27 EU leaders as well as presidents of the European Council and the European Commission last week. The optics could not have … Read more

DMPQ- Write an essay on the relevance and future roadmap for India’s PSE (Public Sector Enterprises).

. Recently, the government has announced that it will be using three public sector enterprises (PSEs) for manufacturing Covaxin to augment the manufacturing capacity under Mission COVID Suraksha. Apart from it, several PSEs in the steel, petroleum and natural gas sectors have supplemented the efforts of the government in making available liquid medical oxygen as … Read more

DMPQ- . Discuss how Tribunals Reforms (Rationalisation and Conditions of Service) act 2021 will restructure India’s Tribunal system.

Recently, the Tribunals Reforms (Rationalisation and Conditions of Service) Ordinance 2021 has been promulgated by the central government. Through this ordinance the centre has abolished several appellate tribunals and transferred their jurisdiction to other existing judicial bodies. The Ordinance has met with sharp criticism for not only bypassing the usual legislative process, but also for … Read more

DMPQ- What is Compulsory licensing or Trips Waiver ? Explain why it is important to eradicate the compulsory licensing in the view of devastating pandemic.

Recently, India and South Africa have piloted the proposal to waive key provisions of the TRIPS agreement on Covid-19 vaccines, drugs, therapeutics, and related technologies. This proposal has been now backed by the U.S also. The TRIPS waiver proposal would give immunity to member countries from a legal challenge at the WTO if their domestic … Read more

DMPQ- India is sealing relationships with US, UK, Europe after the double reality check from China.” Comment.

. Almost unnoticed in the ferocity of the current Covid surge battering us, India’s foreign policy pivoted westwards, embracing partners and relationships that, if taken at the flood, could have interesting implications for India’s future. A Quad leaders’ summit in March drew the curtains from the new focus. For years the Indian system downplayed the … Read more

DMPQ-. Explain the importance of creative non-tariff based policy to boost India’s oilseeds output.

Several commodity exporting countries that are either suppliers to, or competitors, to India in the international market have made the World Trade Organisation (WTO) an arena to spar with India. The idea seemingly is to pressure India into continuing to be a major destination market for their supplies or to blunt India’s competitive edge in … Read more

DMPQ-. Throw light on India’s Options regarding the regulations of Blockchain technology and Cyrptocurrency .

Govt. of India is still skeptical about the very idea of crypto-currency. The pioneer cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, which traded at just $ 0.0008 in 2010, commanded a market price of just under $65,000 this April. Many newer coins were introduced since Bitcoin’s launch, and their cumulative market value touched $ 2.5 trillion this May. Within a … Read more

DMPQ-Explain the challenges faced by India’s Dairy Sector. Also suggest some measures to deal with them.

In the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, agriculture and allied sectors put up a spectacular performance with an annual growth of 3.4 per cent while the economy contracted by (-)7.2 per cent in 2020-21. In the farm-dependent population comprising cultivators and agricultural labourers, those involved in dairying and livestock constitute 70 million. Moreover, in … Read more

DMPQ-. Define the priority sector lending. Also suggest some measures to improve it in the context of changing India’s economic situations.

The origins of priority sector (PS) lending can be traced back to 1966 when Morarji Desai saw a need for increasing credit to agriculture and small industries. However, the definition for PS was only formalised based on a Reserve Bank of India (RBI) report in the National Credit Council in 1972. After bank nationalisation, the … Read more

DMPQ-Explain how Covid-19 pandemic has pushed India’s children into the menace of Child labour problem. Also suggest some measures to control it.

With increased economic insecurity, lack of social protection and reduced household income, the Covid-19 pandemic is pushing the children from poor households to contribute to the family income with the risk of exposure to exploitative work. Subsequent lockdowns have worsened the situation, posing a real risk of backtracking the gains made in eliminating child labour. … Read more

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