Jharkhand Agriculture Part 2



Pattern of Land utilization : Area for Land utilization NA, Forests NA.  Not available for cultivation NA. Permanent pastures and other grazing lands NA. Land under misc. Tree crops and  groves NA. culturable waste land NA. Fallow lands other than current fallows NA. current fallows NA. Net area sown NA. Area  sown more than once NA. Total cropped area  NA.

Area under Principal Crops (in thousand hectare) : Rice  1481, Jowar 4, Bajara 4. Maize 90, Ragi 40, Small  millets 24. Wheat 64, Barely 12,Gram NA. Tur 24, other pulses 93. Total pulses 116. Ground nut NA. Sesamum 15, Rapeseed and mustard NA. Linseed 7. Castor seed NA, Total oil seed 45. Cotton lint  NA. Jute NA.   Mesta I.  Tea NA.  Coffee NA. Natural rubber NA. Banana NA. Sugar cane 4. Tobacco NA. Potato NA. Black pepper NA. Turmeric  NA. Chillies (dry) NA. Ginger (dry)NA. Coconut NA.

Production of Principal Crops (in thousand tonne) : Rice 1645,  Jowar  2, Bajara 2, Maize 114.Ragi 25,  Small millets 12,  Wheat 104, Barely 11,  Gram NA, Tur 29, other pulses 65. Total pulses 94. Ground nut NA. Sesamum 15, Rapeseed and mustard NA,  Linseed 4, Castor seed NA. Total oil seed 28. Cotton lint NA. Jute 2  Mesta 8,  Tea NA.  Coffee NA.  Natural  rubber NA. Banana NA. Sugar cane 145 Tobacco NA., Potato NA., Black pepper NA., Turmeric NA.  Chillies (dry) NA. Ginger (dry) NA. Coconut NA.

Average Field of Principal Crops (quintals per hectare):  Rice 11.1, Jowar 5.9,  Bajara 4.7,  Maize 127,  Ragi 6.2,  Small millets 4 9, Wheat 16 3. Barely 8.9. Gram NA. Tur 12  4. other pulses 7.0. Total pulses 8.1, Ground nut NA, Sesamum   5.0, Rapeseed  and mustard NA, Linseed   SA  Castor seed NA. Total oil seed 6.3, Cotton lint NA, Jute NA, Mesta  7.2, Tea NA. Coffee NA. Natural rubber NA, Banana NA, Sugar cane 381.3, Tobacco NA. Potato NA. Black pepper NA. Turmeric NA. Chillies (dry) NA,  Ginger (dry) NA, Coconut NA.

Livestock and Poultry Population (in thousand number) : Cattle,  Buffaloes, Sheep, Goats, Horse and Ponies,  Other livestock, Total livestock Poultry.

Cattle and Buffaloes used for work only (in thousand numbers ) : Cattle,  Buffaloes, Total Cattle and Buffaloes used for  work only .

Production of Milk (in thousand tonne) : Cow milk. Buffalo  milk. Goat milk. Total.

Production of Raw Wool and Eggs : Eggs production in crore numbers. Raw Wool Totel  Production in thousand tone.

Jharkhand is endowed with  vast and rich natural resources,mainly minerals  and forests, 80 per cent of its population residing in 32620 villages depend  mainly on agriculture and allied activ ities  for their livehood one of the main  strategies for development of the Jahrkhand state is to ensure agricultural  rural development on a  sustainable basis. Capacity building is  the local point   for any development endeavor.

In the agriculture sector there is scope for bringing additional area under cultivation through vertical and horizontal expansion, increasing  the area under irrigation,  raising production and productivity of food crops through optimum utilization of inputs like seeds, fertilizers,  pesticides,  agricultural tools and implements.


Besides these, horticultural development has vast potential not only in terms of meeting the local requirements of fruits, vegetables, flowers and  medicinal and aeromatic plants but also in terms of   exploiting the opportunities for exports. Similar is the situation with the livestock enterprises with respect  to increasing milk,meat and egg production There is a vast scope in the state for establishing food processing units.

Principal foodgrains  crops are paddy, wheat, maize and pulzes. Besides  the strong mineral


base, the basis of the economy is agriculture and allied activities. The State of Jharkhand has a total geographical area of 79.7 lakh  ha. out of which cultivable land is 38 lakh ha. and the present net sown area is 18.04 lakh ha .The  net irritated area is only 1.57 lakh ha which is 8%of the net sown area  More than 29%  land is covered as forest



areas and 25% of land is coveed as sown areas.




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