Mazor policies of Jharkhand


SHG Nurturing and Capacity Building Program:

Since 2005, Diya Seva Sansthanis supported by District Rural Development Agency (DRDA), Ranchi to promote this feasible initiative. Under this activity so far, 500 SHGs were formed and strengthened at 51 villages of Kanke block in Ranchi district in Jharkhand. The women of these SHGs belong to the poor and underprivileged families. The group savings has reaches to Rs. 7,50,785 and bank loan reaches to Rs. 176 lac. The achievements of this program so far are as follows:

Functioning of 03 SHG federations.

Provided micro credit support to 108 SHGs with initial support of Rs. 27,00,000 Lac.

Engagement of more than 5012 women in income generation activities like Flori Culture, Vegetable Cultivation. Candle Making, Aggarbatti Making, Goatry, Piggery, Mushroom Cultivation and Embroidery Making.

Socio-economic self-reliance of the poor women has been successfully realized.

Welfare Program for SC/ST:

DSS since its inception is continuously raising voice to improve the socio-economic status of the SC/ST. Regular public meetings are conducted in the districts of Ranchi, Khunti, Lohardagga, Gumla and Simdega in Jharkhand to achieve this result. In these meetings, different problems of SC and ST like livelihood, education, health and unemployment are discussed with their possible solutions with mass people support.

ASER Program:

DSS with the support of ASER(Annual Status of Education Report)- Pratham Foundation, Mumbai conducted educational level survey of the 60 villages of the Ranchi and Khunti districts in Jharkhand in which data are collected, compiled and analyzed. The survey and documentation of the findings aredone by the expert team of DSS and forwarded to the Pratham, Mumbai for their immediate action.

N.E.A.C (National Environmental Awareness Campaign):

DSS is sincere to bring sensitization among the people on the importance of maintenance of environment and pollution reduction in Jaipur and Chandwe villages of Kanke block in Ranchi district. Awareness rallies, meetings, workshops, seminars and plantation activities are successfully organized by DSS with active community participation and support. These activities resulted in reaching to the common masses with focus on various reasons/benefits of tree plantation, environmental pollution and conservation measures. Plantation activities are also undertaken successfully at different community places of the area.

Human Trafficking Prevention Program:

Regular workshops are conducted on this important issue on how to tackle the trafficking of women and girls in Jharkhand. A growing number of tribal women and young girls from Jharkhand are being trafficked, lured for promises of employment and marriage to Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, West Bengal and Maharashtra.

Farmer‘s Land Survey Program:

Village meetings areregularly conducted on the issue in Kanke block in Ranchi district and Simdega block in Simdega district in Jharkhand by DSS. So far, 27,000 farmers are made known of the benefits of land survey, soil erosion control, irrigation method, soil conservation method and other important topics related to soil and cultivation practices. The survey work of the lands of the farmers is also a major activity of DSS in theseblocks.

Sanitation and Hygiene:

In Jharkhand, rural population is most vulnerable to the diseases that results due to lack of poor household sanitation and hygiene. DSS under PRAKALP, which is a district level campaign to achieve total sanitation and hygiene in the villages, constructed 150 low cost latrines in Katamkuli&KokodoroPanchayatsin Kanke block to provide low cost sanitation facility to the families living below the poverty line. As a part of the program, regular awareness and hygiene education camps are also conductedby DSS that helps in maintaining better hygiene and sanitation practices in rural areas.

HIV/AIDS Awareness Program:

Now, HIV/AIDS is spreading at an alarming rate in the different parts of India including Jharkhand also. Different viruses attack different part of human body but HIV virus is dangerous because it attacks the immune system itself, the very thing that usually finds and kills viruses fairly quickly. Person who is infected with HIV is said to be HIV positive. In Jharkhand, people are highly ignorant about HIV/AIDS and there is a great need to make them aware on this deadly disease and its prevention. Periodic awareness generation campsare organized by DSS in Khunti block of Khunti district in Jharkhand to promote awareness among the community on this deadly disease.

Child Right: District Need Assessment Program:

DSS has been involved in need assessment program in Burmu and Khelari blocks in Ranchi district in Jharkhand since long. The program is a need assessment for children who are particularly disadvantaged because of their social, economic, physical or mental condition. These children need specials care, attention and proactive protective measures. The objective of the ?District Need Assessment? is to sensitize different stakeholders upon the ?Child Protection Issues? and understanding the key child protection concern and mapping of the protection services at each level.

Rescue and Legal Services:

DSS provide rescue and legal awareness to such victims in Ranchi, Khunti, Gumla, Simdega and Lohardagga districts in Jharkhand by organizinglocal community meetings with the support of its volunteers and anti-trafficking experts. This program has so far been helpful in reaching to a good number of trafficking victims.

Prevention of Domestic Violence:

DSS promoted awareness of the different sections of the society on the graveness of the situation and to undertake steps to reduce itin Ranchi and Khunti blocks where the incidence of domestic violence is more. Under our different activities, we regularly organize meetings with the violence victims making them aware of their rights, entitlements and different laws in existence to protect them from domestic violence, dowry death and atrocities. So far, women and local community members are highly benefitted by the program.Cultural activities, wall writing, pamphlet and posture distributionsare regularly undertaken to build up a strong public opinion on the issue.

Health Program:

In rural areas of Jharkhand, existing Government health facilities are not reachable to a larger number of populations. Rural communities are also not aware of different health schemes and programs initiated by the Government in rural areas. DSS is making efforts for educating them on this aspect by organizing regular awareness camps in Kanke block in Ranchi district thus reaching to good number of male, female and children of the area.

Women Empowerment Program:

DSS is sincere to bring empowerment to poor women residing in rural and slum areas of Jharkhand by generating awareness among themon gender issues. Regular awareness generation camps areheld up by DSS covering beneficiaries from Boreya village in Kanke blockto make them informed and updated on the issue concerned. Women of the SC, ST, OBC and minorities were highly benefited by the program.

Free legal Aid and Counseling:

The incidences of domestic violence, dowry death, torture by in-laws have now increasing up in the society. Women are still humiliated and crushed at every level. Atrocities on them have an increasing trend.They need help but they don‘t know who to turn to. Seeing the seriousness of the situation, DSS organizes free legal aid and counseling camps in Kara block in Khunti district in Jharkhand. Experienced advocates and counselors attended these camps and make it a success.

Organization of Workshop, Rally and Camps:

DSS believes that information dissemination is important for the development of the society. Number of workshops, peaceful rally and awareness campsare organized by DSS in Ranchi, KhuntiSimdega, Lohardagga and Gumladistricts in Jharkhand covering different issues of socio-economic relevance in a strong manner.jharkhand-economy

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