geography optional notes

Geomorphology and climatology (partial) origin of Earth interior of the earth, discontinuities volcanism and earthquakes Continental and ocean basins continental drift theory: assumptions and evidences seafloor spreading Paleo-Magnetism plate tectonics theory landforms types: Mountains, geomorphic cycles, glaciation, desert landforms and arid landforms, Coastal landforms climatology: evaporation and latent heat atmosphere of the Earth, CFCs, stratosphere, … Read more

geography – my notes of certain topics

paper 2 india transport trade and communication paper 1prespectives in human geography

my notes for paper 1

paper one is very lengthy nd my notes miss d geography(as its my optional) and mordern history partthe links arepart 1 2

my notes for paper 3

well they are the notes i prepared for final revision just few days before exam covers the structure of most of the topics except disaster…which i revised from yojna…..the link is

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